Airbrush makeup vs. traditional makeup

So, you are considering airbrush rather than traditional makeup and you’re wondering if it is right for you? Join the countless other ladies who have faced the same dilemma, and know that you are in the right place. Every make up no matter how good or expensive will have pros and cons. There is nothing … Continue reading Airbrush makeup vs. traditional makeup

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Matte makeup or Shimmer makeup?

What type of makeup you apply will depend on a lot of things. One is your age. Older people should not use anything too shimmery, but too matte will make them look deceased. You have to have a balance. You want to find a happy median, and remember in this case, less is more. Avoid … Continue reading Matte makeup or Shimmer makeup?

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What Does a Theater Makeup Artist Do?

A theater makeup artist specializes in the art of changing the outward appearance of an actor, performer or model. They assist in creating the façade of certain characters that actors portray during theater production. In addition to the theater, there can be a variety of settings such as film, photography shoots, television, video and live … Continue reading What Does a Theater Makeup Artist Do?

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The Importance of Wedding Makeup Trials

The question would be easier if it were what is not important about wedding make up trials. The wedding make up trials is one of the key aspects to your wedding day coming off without a hitch. It is not irrelevant and they should never be skipped despite what others may think. Your wedding day … Continue reading The Importance of Wedding Makeup Trials

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Importance of Regular Facials

Every girl wants to look and feel beautiful, and beautiful starts with clear, glowing skin. To keep your skin youthful, it is important to have regular facials. Here are the following reasons why every girl should keep regular facial appointments with her beauty saloon. Cleaning It doesn’t take a genius to realize that everyday we … Continue reading Importance of Regular Facials

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Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is one of the biggest trends to have hit the world of cosmetics. It seemed to have reached its peak of popularity during the late 2000s, driven largely by several claims about its superiority to the normal type of traditional makeup. Some even claim to wear mineral makeup to bed. Let’s break down … Continue reading Mineral Makeup

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Skincare from the Sea

For centuries, humans have used the expansive resources of the ocean to enhance their skin. However, commercial use in the beauty industry has only been used in recent years. Seawater provides a balanced way to supplement minerals to human cells and provides a nutrient-rich growing environment for algae. As marine plants grow in this perfect … Continue reading Skincare from the Sea

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Ion Detox Foot Spa

In this modern world we are living, toxins are very common. Environmental toxins include things like heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, food addictives, drugs and pollutants. And all these are present in the air, water and food that we consume. Toxins not only come from our external environment but can also be generated internally by bad … Continue reading Ion Detox Foot Spa

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Hair and make up

Everyone wants to look good. Most think this means learning what hairstyle and makeup combinations are flattering and sticking there. The problem with that approach is that fashion is constantly on the move. Remember, the beehive hairdo was once on the cutting edge of fashion. The constantly evolving world of fashion creates several challenges that … Continue reading Hair and make up

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Bellezza Facial

It is one of the sad truths of life that the biggest part of our visible identity, our faces, happens to be exposed to every element that we encounter. Sunlight, wind, heat and cold – our faces encounter these things every time we step outdoors. The elements can wear mountains down, so it is only … Continue reading Bellezza Facial

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