Hair and make up

Everyone wants to look good. Most think this means learning what hairstyle and makeup combinations are flattering and sticking there. The problem with that approach is that fashion is constantly on the move. Remember, the beehive hairdo was once on the cutting edge of fashion. The constantly evolving world of fashion creates several challenges that can be overcome by a much overlooked solution.

The first challenge is keeping abreast of trends. The best solution also happens to be one that is out of reach for all but a few wealthy people – hiring a top notch stylist. It takes someone as dedicated as a stylist to keep up with what is currently “in” and only the very best can tailor the newest fashions to various people.

The solution to this challenge is something that most people never consider – hair and makeup kits from fashion-conscious companies. Look at LancĂ´me, Revlon, Bobby Brown, basically any company that is in the makeup business and they have one thing in common: they all market kits. While most people think of those kits as gift ideas for those with no gift ideas, the few who really think about it understand that they are a resource for anyone who wants to stay stylish and current. The products in these kits were not selected at random, they were specifically chosen by one of those incredibly expensive top notch stylists as a set of products that complement each other and create a complete look. By choosing such kits, even a layperson can get a trendy look by only considering a couple of factors.

The first, and probably most crucial, factor is matching the kit to the person’s complexion. We have all seen a pale woman who chooses muted colors that make her look washed out instead of bolder colors that make the most of her creamy skin. Choosing a kit assembled for the skin tone in question takes the guesswork out of the process.

The second consideration is the venue where the makeup or hair color will be presented. Color combinations that are flattering and pleasantly attention getting under the dim lights of a dance club can be absolutely shocking in the full light of day. Combinations for going out are seldom appropriate on a bank teller or any other professional job.

Fashion moves quickly. By choosing a kit from a major makeup studio with venue and complexion in mind, anyone can keep up like a professional stylist.

Bellezza Facial

It is one of the sad truths of life that the biggest part of our visible identity, our faces, happens to be exposed to every element that we encounter. Sunlight, wind, heat and cold – our faces encounter these things every time we step outdoors. The elements can wear mountains down, so it is only natural that the constant exposure to them also wears our faces down. One fortunate aspect of our skin being a living organ is the fact that much of the damage done by this exposure can be repaired by judicious facial treatments.

So, what is the best facial treatment? This is a question with no single answer. Not only are people all different with differing body chemistry, the specific elements and damage caused varies with a person’s lifestyle. The concept of cosmetic treatments is much like drugs used in medicine – they try to produce drugs that create positive results for the vast majority of people, but there is always a rare chance that there will be an adverse reaction. For this reason, there is certain to be a significant amount of experimentation before someone finds the perfect facial treatment for his or her body and lifestyle. There are a couple of rules that most people agree on.

Herbs are Good

People have been using herbs for as long as people have existed. Topically, certain herbs are known to add moisture without doing collateral damage that one could encounter if using man-made chemicals. The biggest plus that herbs bring to the table is in the realm of moisturizing. While excess moisture is a problem, dry skin is a far more common one. Using herbal facial treatments can help fill the skin with that much needed moisture that fights wrinkles and helps prevent skin from becoming cracked or chapped.

Minerals are Good

Along with herbs, minerals are a crucial part of healthy skin. The need for minerals is greater than ever because of our modern diet. In past generations, people got all their food from animals and plants grown naturally. Today, we have hydroponic farms and food products that are literally being created in laboratories. Because of these somewhat sterile means of producing food, we are missing out on the minerals that would naturally occur in food produced traditionally. A good mineral facial treatment can imbue the skin with the salts and other minerals that we no longer get from our diet.

Our faces are our public identity. With the rigors that such an essential part of us encounters, it makes all the sense in the world to use facial treatments to protect and revitalize.