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Airbrush makeup vs. traditional makeup

So, you are considering airbrush rather than traditional makeup and you’re wondering if it is right for you? Join the countless other ladies who have faced the same dilemma, and know that you are in the right place.

Every make up no matter how good or expensive will have pros and cons. There is nothing out there perfect, and there is nothing that will work for everyone who tries it. If you have an up and coming event like a wedding or something to the like it is vital that you know what you are using before that day comes, and if it is something you have never used attest session is vital. Hair and makeup recitals are in some cases more important than the rehearsal dinner!

You will find a wealth of information online about airbrush versus natural makeup, but only you can determine what will work in your particular case. Some women cannot wear one when they can tolerate the other fine. Experimenting is your best option.

If you like the natural look and feel then airbrush may or may not work for you. Some women say it looks and feels natural while others swear it feels like a mask. Again, it is about who applies it, how it is applied and how it affects you. Airbrushing is supposed to be the lightest weight and provide maximum coverage.

The airbrushed makeup is misted on with a machine whereas traditional makeups are put on with a sponge and set with a powder. Some use mineral makeups for a more sheer cover. Of course traditional makeups offer more color selections than can be found in the airbrush sector. You also have the option of going very thin or applying thicker coat. You are definitely better able to customize your makeup to a combination skin type.

Now airbrush is usually not waterproof, but a lot of traditional makeups are. Have you ever seen someone sweat with a lot of makeup on? Airbrushing does not cake when it is applied the right way, and you do not get the “drip marks” when you sweat.

Again, traditional makeup can be customized to be thin in some areas and thicker in others while also being blended nicely, but airbrush offers a more flawless finish with great coverage. That means you may not need the thick makeup at all. You should definitely try airbrush at least once, and go be active to see how it will hold up. Some have tried it and never went back to the traditional makeups at all.

Some artists still prefer the traditional over airbrush, and after reading countless reviews from professionals and consumers alike one has to wonder if they are just nor uncomfortable with the change yet. Most swear by airbrushing even if it is just for special events.

Keep in mind that a good professional will know how to use airbrush makeup even without the machine, but this is for the experienced makeup artist and not for the faint of heart. These more qualified can even get in home airbrush machines, so the new methods are definitely worth a try. They are sure to give beautiful coverage despite which one you choose.

Matte makeup or Shimmer makeup?

What type of makeup you apply will depend on a lot of things. One is your age. Older people should not use anything too shimmery, but too matte will make them look deceased. You have to have a balance. You want to find a happy median, and remember in this case, less is more. Avoid anything too dark and too shimmery if you are over age 50, but a light bronzer that offers a summer glow is not out of the question.

Summer is upon us right now, and the last thing you want is anything caked. As a matter of fact you want to look as natural as possible, and for anyone under the age of 30 shimmer is golden! A light shimmering affect with only natural colors can really give you that healthy summer look with little hassle.

Between 30 and 50- go matte. A light shimmer on your lips is perfectly ok, but avoid the shimmery eye makeups that can enhance fine lines.

You should avoid heavy foundations despite your age especially in the summer months. During these months you can use a shimmering powder and look much better, but it should be used sparingly.

A light shimmering bronzer will help in light reflection, so that is one option to look for. When applied appropriately it can make you look younger and healthier, but too much will leave you looking pretty bad. Just use a well-lit room and a good mirror, and if you can check it out in natural light that is a great idea.

Shimmer is not the only way to get that summer glow though. There are some of us who simply can’t do the shimmer look, and for us there are some great summer mattes. The great thing is that they don’t have to break the bank! Look for greys on the eyes; they are making a splash this season.

Whether you are a shimmer or a matte, use natural lighting anytime it is possible when applying your makeup. This is the only way that you will get a real look at what everyone else is seeing, and always think how it will adjust throughout the day in whatever environments you will encounter.

Again, the best decision will come down to you, your age, skin tone and the like. Just make sure to go light and natural and you’ll look great with your summer makeup choices!

What Does a Theater Makeup Artist Do?

A theater makeup artist specializes in the art of changing the outward appearance of an actor, performer or model. They assist in creating the façade of certain characters that actors portray during theater production. In addition to the theater, there can be a variety of settings such as film, photography shoots, television, video and live music.

The area of focus is predominantly the face but a theater makeup artist also works with a performer’s hair and other extremities. The art involves the use of paints, makeup, plastic, wigs and hair patches. In addition, techniques can vary from basic methods to intricate makeup or special effects.

Aside from working with the needs of a performer, the artist has to take into consideration the stage lighting and other special conditions such as weather or the style of the performance. Additionally, the director’s perception is very important.

Usual Work Activities

Depending on the type of job, a theater makeup artist can work alone, with a make-up design team or as an assistant for an executive. As well, job activities can vary and may include the following:

  • Maintain and fit hairpieces and wigs
  • Work fast and precisely under deadlines
  • Sketch design ideas for makeup and hairstyles
  • Accurate time management for applying makeup
  • Clarifying visual requirements with the performer
  • Keep informed about current beauty products and makeup
  • Coordinate with the design team for consistency and accuracy
  • Stay educated about current health and safety issues and laws
  • Budget, source and order equipment and material from suppliers
  • Record detailed notes and photographs of work to maintain current portfolio
  • Knowledge of prosthetics like body molds, face casting and latex foam sculpting
  • Knowledge of potential allergic reactions and negative effects caused by makeup
  • Prepare the skin for makeup applications and evaluate the skin type to prevent irritation
  • Apply a practical understanding of color, the photographic process, special effects and lighting
  • Read the script to establish what is needed such as budget, a certain makeup look and materials
  • Confirm that there is suitable action to minimize side effects caused from certain makeup or hair techniques


In general, it helps to have certain characteristics to become a theater makeup artist such as dynamic creativity. As well, technical skills for applying makeup are needed. Other special characteristics consist of teamwork, unusual hours or overtime, work well under pressure and deadlines and cooperating with directors, performers and designers.

The Importance of Wedding Makeup Trials

The question would be easier if it were what is not important about wedding make up trials. The wedding make up trials is one of the key aspects to your wedding day coming off without a hitch. It is not irrelevant and they should never be skipped despite what others may think.

Your wedding day is your own unique, once in a lifetime memory. This is a day that is yours to cherish your entire lifetime through. The month’s that lead up to it are nerve racking and spent in anticipation of the big event, and they can be downright torturous. You are doing tastings, pattern picking dress hunting and napkins detail just to name some, but the wedding makeup trial is as, if not more important, as all of those other fine details.

Your wedding makeup trial is going to be a a huge relief believe it or not. It will help the bride feel more in control, and the overall stress is reduced. You will be formally acquainted to your artist by the time your wedding rolls around, and he or she will know exactly what to expect of your hair. I mean, ladies…let’s face it; our hair has a life and personality all its own especially when we need it to behave!

You also will have the comfort in knowing that your chosen artist is able to pull off the bridal makeup look. You do not want to look like you’re about to go clubbing, and the dark smoky eye is not usually a good match for the isle as it would be for the runway. You want an artist who knows the difference least your mother in law and bridesmaids be trying to salvage your face before you take that walk. You can skip all that by making sure that you book and attend your hair and makeup trials.

Just book it, go with a clean face and bring a few photos of the look you are aiming for. When your hair is being done, do not go to the trial with gunky hair. Washing the hair the night before and leaving it product free is a good rule of thumb. Also note that any head gear and hair accessories will need to be brought to the trial.

As you see, wedding makeup and hair trials are pretty important. You will have plenty of time and trials to gauge the professionalism of the hair and makeup artist. There are no accidents or gunky do overs on your wedding day. You have to have a real connection with this person; after all, they are really important to your day.

Importance of Regular Facials

Every girl wants to look and feel beautiful, and beautiful starts with clear, glowing skin. To keep your skin youthful, it is important to have regular facials.

Here are the following reasons why every girl should keep regular facial appointments with her beauty saloon.


It doesn’t take a genius to realize that everyday we are exposed to dirt, grime and even chemicals on our skin. Facials can help in cleaning out clogged pores so essentially, our skin can breathe again, thus preventing blackheads and breakouts. Additionally, the cleaning process of facial helps address the free radical damage done from sun exposure.


While most facial treatments have always involved removing dead skin as part of aiding cellular renewal, in the past few years, peels and microdermabrasion have taken this process even further. Exfoliating effectively stimulates collagen and elastin production. Additionally, when the skin is exfoliated, the top layer of dead skin comes off and the face glows. This step in facial helps boost the immune system of the skin and improves circulation, which ultimately helps refine pores and lessen the appearance of wrinkles.


Most skin care products today are designed for deeper penetration to the skin and are formulated to maximize skin rejuvenation. Marine facials are especially highlighted in this area since it offers a more effective moisturizing complex for the skin and they also acts as effective hydrating agents. The ingredients in marine facials also help form a protective barrier on the skin. Having regular marine facials, in turn, helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and gives skin a smoother and firmer texture and improves facial contour.


This phase in facials is designed to calm your skin and bring it back to its glowing balance. This is done through the use of LED light, which helps take down inflammation and targets conditions such as premature ageing and hyperpigmentation.

Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is one of the biggest trends to have hit the world of cosmetics. It seemed to have reached its peak of popularity during the late 2000s, driven largely by several claims about its superiority to the normal type of traditional makeup. Some even claim to wear mineral makeup to bed. Let’s break down each of these differences and find out if mineral makeup is indeed worth the hype.

1) Ingredients

One of the greatest differences between mineral makeup and the typical makeup is the composition or the ingredients they have. Authentic mineral cosmetics are composed of compressed minerals, and are free of synthetic or “harmful” preservatives and ingredients like parabens, wax additives or oil. The most popular brands list only a handful of ingredients. Bare Escentuals only has two active ingredients (Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide) and three inactive ingredients (Bismuth Oxychloride, Mica, and Iron Oxides). Everyday Minerals has six ingredients on most mineral foundations (Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides, Chromium Oxide and Greens). This minimalistic approach towards beauty is claimed to allow the makeup to be “breathable” and less harmful to most skin types.

2) Safety

Because of a lack of many additional ingredients, fans and proprietors of mineral of mineral makeup claim that this type of cosmetic is generally safer than most other makeups and more appropriate to sensitive skin. Not so quick, though. There is ongoing debate about the safety of two major mineral makeup ingredients, Mica and Titanium Dioxide. These two, while naturally occurring, had some people concerned about their dangers when inhaled as nanoparticles and harm the lungs and skin. The jury is still out, however, because many others argue that if the particles were actually the size of nanoparticles they’d be useless to makeup, as they would not offer coverage. Users are also advised to scan labels for bismuth oxychloride which can cause irritation and acne flare ups.

3) Ease of Use

Of course, one of the major factors every woman considers in purchasing makeup is the ease of use. When mineral makeup was at its most popular, we all knew it in the form of fine, loose powder with a kabuki brush. You have to use the kabuki brush to apply it in circular motion. You cannot do this on the go, unlike compact foundations that use sponge. Fortunately, mineral makeup has evolved over time and more of them can be found in compact or liquid formulations. One must note, though, that additional ingredients like binders are added to keep the powders from falling loose. Still, liquid and compact forms of mineral makeup still adhere to the philosophy of light, breathable and minimalist makeup that is good to all skin types.

Skincare from the Sea

For centuries, humans have used the expansive resources of the ocean to enhance their skin. However, commercial use in the beauty industry has only been used in recent years.

Seawater provides a balanced way to supplement minerals to human cells and provides a nutrient-rich growing environment for algae. As marine plants grow in this perfect mineral medium, they absorb and concentrate various nutrients also beneficial to the human body.

There are tens of thousands of varieties of seaweed in the world and medical studies show they can help to reduce joint pain, lower blood lipids for better heart health, and prevent allergies. Cosmetics companies and marine scientists have researched seaweed and formulated various skincare products as well. Our skin likes the nutrients seaweed as it contains beta-carotene, potassium, zinc and iodine. Seaweeds take nutrients directly from the ocean and are more potent than they are in land plants.

Marine Ingredients and Skin Care Products

Marine ingredients are picking up steam in skin care, as they offer a range of benefits and are more advanced scientifically than before. Green seaweeds act as an astringent and is used in some foam cleansing products. Red seaweed is rich in beta-carotene, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Phytoplankton, tiny plant-like microorganisms, are used to fight ultraviolet damage and free radicals.

The harvesting and preserving of marine ingredients has become more advanced over the past several decades, helping to make better and more environmentally friendly marine skin care products. In many countries harvesting of seaweed is regulated as marine plants serve as a portion of the food chain and can diminish the fish population if left unregulated. Many companies are cutting seaweed and not yanking it out as particular process allows the seaweed to grow back and be sustainable.

The skin is the largest organ of human body. No person has perfect skin as the chemicals in our air, water, and food have many negative effects. Treatments using ingredients from the sea can help repair the skin and body while bringing back that youthful look, but as with many beauty products and skin care treatments available today, it’s hard to tell how effective any really are.

Consult a skin care professional to find out what ingredients from the sea work best for the results you are after.

Ion Detox Foot Spa

In this modern world we are living, toxins are very common. Environmental toxins include things like heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, food addictives, drugs and pollutants. And all these are present in the air, water and food that we consume. Toxins not only come from our external environment but can also be generated internally by bad bacteria, yeasts and parasites in our digestive system. These internally generated toxins are then absorbed into your bloodstream affecting your health and vitality. Thus the call for detoxification. There are many ways of detoxifying and one of them is the Ion Detox Foot spa. Ion detox foot spa is a natural method of assisting the body to eliminate harmful toxins, heavy metals and the other harmful foreign material that made way into our internal system.

Among the many benefits of a ion detox foot spa are, enhancing the immune system, purging of heavy metals, a more balanced pH level, internal cleansing with full-body purge, reducing inflammation, purging of yeast, detoxifying the liver, kidney, liver and parasite cleansing.

Ionic detox foot spa is a safe therapy for anyone over the age of 10 years, exempting those who wear a pacemaker or those who suffers from seizures. For people who have accumulated toxins and are not able to get rid of them efficiently due to overworked liver, spleen and kidney functions, the ionic detox foot spa is the suggested therapy. Usually there is no pain associated with foot detox but some might experience fatigue or light headache after a session. People who have excessive amount of toxicity in their system may experience some discomfort as their body excretes toxins from the tissues for elimination, drinking plenty of water after detox foot spa are encourage, by doing so water will assist with making elimination easier and more comfortable. A session of detox foot spa takes about half an hour to 40 minutes, client sat on a relaxing and very comfortable chair which allows the client to sit back and sometimes fall asleep. Some have reported an experience of slight tickling or tingling sensation from the ionic detox foot spa. Initially, clients are suggested to begin with 6 sessions over a 3-5 week period for a maximized detoxification and followed up by monthly sessions.

Ionic detox foot spa although beneficial to most the results may vary depending on the client’s personal condition, lifestyle and willingness to take responsibility for the betterment of their health. The frequency of detox foot spa sessions also plays a role in how quickly results are achieved.

It is our responsibility to look after ourselves and one of the many ways to achieved a healthy body and mind is to detoxify.

Hair and make up

Everyone wants to look good. Most think this means learning what hairstyle and makeup combinations are flattering and sticking there. The problem with that approach is that fashion is constantly on the move. Remember, the beehive hairdo was once on the cutting edge of fashion. The constantly evolving world of fashion creates several challenges that can be overcome by a much overlooked solution.

The first challenge is keeping abreast of trends. The best solution also happens to be one that is out of reach for all but a few wealthy people – hiring a top notch stylist. It takes someone as dedicated as a stylist to keep up with what is currently “in” and only the very best can tailor the newest fashions to various people.

The solution to this challenge is something that most people never consider – hair and makeup kits from fashion-conscious companies. Look at Lancôme, Revlon, Bobby Brown, basically any company that is in the makeup business and they have one thing in common: they all market kits. While most people think of those kits as gift ideas for those with no gift ideas, the few who really think about it understand that they are a resource for anyone who wants to stay stylish and current. The products in these kits were not selected at random, they were specifically chosen by one of those incredibly expensive top notch stylists as a set of products that complement each other and create a complete look. By choosing such kits, even a layperson can get a trendy look by only considering a couple of factors.

The first, and probably most crucial, factor is matching the kit to the person’s complexion. We have all seen a pale woman who chooses muted colors that make her look washed out instead of bolder colors that make the most of her creamy skin. Choosing a kit assembled for the skin tone in question takes the guesswork out of the process.

The second consideration is the venue where the makeup or hair color will be presented. Color combinations that are flattering and pleasantly attention getting under the dim lights of a dance club can be absolutely shocking in the full light of day. Combinations for going out are seldom appropriate on a bank teller or any other professional job.

Fashion moves quickly. By choosing a kit from a major makeup studio with venue and complexion in mind, anyone can keep up like a professional stylist.

Bellezza Facial

It is one of the sad truths of life that the biggest part of our visible identity, our faces, happens to be exposed to every element that we encounter. Sunlight, wind, heat and cold – our faces encounter these things every time we step outdoors. The elements can wear mountains down, so it is only natural that the constant exposure to them also wears our faces down. One fortunate aspect of our skin being a living organ is the fact that much of the damage done by this exposure can be repaired by judicious facial treatments.

So, what is the best facial treatment? This is a question with no single answer. Not only are people all different with differing body chemistry, the specific elements and damage caused varies with a person’s lifestyle. The concept of cosmetic treatments is much like drugs used in medicine – they try to produce drugs that create positive results for the vast majority of people, but there is always a rare chance that there will be an adverse reaction. For this reason, there is certain to be a significant amount of experimentation before someone finds the perfect facial treatment for his or her body and lifestyle. There are a couple of rules that most people agree on.

Herbs are Good

People have been using herbs for as long as people have existed. Topically, certain herbs are known to add moisture without doing collateral damage that one could encounter if using man-made chemicals. The biggest plus that herbs bring to the table is in the realm of moisturizing. While excess moisture is a problem, dry skin is a far more common one. Using herbal facial treatments can help fill the skin with that much needed moisture that fights wrinkles and helps prevent skin from becoming cracked or chapped.

Minerals are Good

Along with herbs, minerals are a crucial part of healthy skin. The need for minerals is greater than ever because of our modern diet. In past generations, people got all their food from animals and plants grown naturally. Today, we have hydroponic farms and food products that are literally being created in laboratories. Because of these somewhat sterile means of producing food, we are missing out on the minerals that would naturally occur in food produced traditionally. A good mineral facial treatment can imbue the skin with the salts and other minerals that we no longer get from our diet.

Our faces are our public identity. With the rigors that such an essential part of us encounters, it makes all the sense in the world to use facial treatments to protect and revitalize.