Airbrush makeup vs. traditional makeup

So, you are considering airbrush rather than traditional makeup and you’re wondering if it is right for you? Join the countless other ladies who have faced the same dilemma, and know that you are in the right place.

Every make up no matter how good or expensive will have pros and cons. There is nothing out there perfect, and there is nothing that will work for everyone who tries it. If you have an up and coming event like a wedding or something to the like it is vital that you know what you are using before that day comes, and if it is something you have never used attest session is vital. Hair and makeup recitals are in some cases more important than the rehearsal dinner!

You will find a wealth of information online about airbrush versus natural makeup, but only you can determine what will work in your particular case. Some women cannot wear one when they can tolerate the other fine. Experimenting is your best option.

If you like the natural look and feel then airbrush may or may not work for you. Some women say it looks and feels natural while others swear it feels like a mask. Again, it is about who applies it, how it is applied and how it affects you. Airbrushing is supposed to be the lightest weight and provide maximum coverage.

The airbrushed makeup is misted on with a machine whereas traditional makeups are put on with a sponge and set with a powder. Some use mineral makeups for a more sheer cover. Of course traditional makeups offer more color selections than can be found in the airbrush sector. You also have the option of going very thin or applying thicker coat. You are definitely better able to customize your makeup to a combination skin type.

Now airbrush is usually not waterproof, but a lot of traditional makeups are. Have you ever seen someone sweat with a lot of makeup on? Airbrushing does not cake when it is applied the right way, and you do not get the “drip marks” when you sweat.

Again, traditional makeup can be customized to be thin in some areas and thicker in others while also being blended nicely, but airbrush offers a more flawless finish with great coverage. That means you may not need the thick makeup at all. You should definitely try airbrush at least once, and go be active to see how it will hold up. Some have tried it and never went back to the traditional makeups at all.

Some artists still prefer the traditional over airbrush, and after reading countless reviews from professionals and consumers alike one has to wonder if they are just nor uncomfortable with the change yet. Most swear by airbrushing even if it is just for special events.

Keep in mind that a good professional will know how to use airbrush makeup even without the machine, but this is for the experienced makeup artist and not for the faint of heart. These more qualified can even get in home airbrush machines, so the new methods are definitely worth a try. They are sure to give beautiful coverage despite which one you choose.

Matte makeup or Shimmer makeup?

What type of makeup you apply will depend on a lot of things. One is your age. Older people should not use anything too shimmery, but too matte will make them look deceased. You have to have a balance. You want to find a happy median, and remember in this case, less is more. Avoid anything too dark and too shimmery if you are over age 50, but a light bronzer that offers a summer glow is not out of the question.

Summer is upon us right now, and the last thing you want is anything caked. As a matter of fact you want to look as natural as possible, and for anyone under the age of 30 shimmer is golden! A light shimmering affect with only natural colors can really give you that healthy summer look with little hassle.

Between 30 and 50- go matte. A light shimmer on your lips is perfectly ok, but avoid the shimmery eye makeups that can enhance fine lines.

You should avoid heavy foundations despite your age especially in the summer months. During these months you can use a shimmering powder and look much better, but it should be used sparingly.

A light shimmering bronzer will help in light reflection, so that is one option to look for. When applied appropriately it can make you look younger and healthier, but too much will leave you looking pretty bad. Just use a well-lit room and a good mirror, and if you can check it out in natural light that is a great idea.

Shimmer is not the only way to get that summer glow though. There are some of us who simply can’t do the shimmer look, and for us there are some great summer mattes. The great thing is that they don’t have to break the bank! Look for greys on the eyes; they are making a splash this season.

Whether you are a shimmer or a matte, use natural lighting anytime it is possible when applying your makeup. This is the only way that you will get a real look at what everyone else is seeing, and always think how it will adjust throughout the day in whatever environments you will encounter.

Again, the best decision will come down to you, your age, skin tone and the like. Just make sure to go light and natural and you’ll look great with your summer makeup choices!